Antique Stoves & Ranges Fully Restored, Conversion Available

The Good Time Stove Company is a place where you can purchase a piece of history and get the friendly and personal service reminiscent of the days of olde. Located in the foothills of western Massachusetts our family run business has been proudly selling original and fully restored antique wood stoves and cooking ranges for three decades.

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antique heating stoves, circa 

1830-1910   antique kitchen ranges, circa 


Antique Heating Stoves from 1890 - 1910:
Box Stoves
Column Stoves
Cylinder Stoves
Four O'Clock Stoves
Franklin Fireplaces
Parlor Stoves
Potbelly Stoves.

potbelly stoves and chambers stoves
cylinder stoves and parlor stoves
Everlasting elegance and efficiency makes the antique heating stove a treasured piece of functional art whether burning wood or converted to gas.
antique wood cooking stoves
"The Stove Princess"

antique heating 

"Stove Black"

wood kitchen ranges, gas & wood cook stoves
gas kitchen ranges, period cook stoves
Kitchen ranges of all vintages are fully restored with a high quality craftsmanship that compliments the early Victorian Kitchen to the Country-styled kitchen to the Retro 1930s kitchen.

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Established in 1973, the Good Time Stove Company is a family-business dedicated to the loving preservation of the lost art of antique stoves. For 30 years, we have provided fully restored click here to visit our showroomand functional heating stoves and kitchen ranges to museums and living farms; historic homes and period kitchens; bed & breakfasts, libraries, workshops, and great rooms across the nation. Our small company takes great pride and pleasure in selling antique stoves and ranges with old-fashioned business values.We warmly offer personalized service to all of our customers whether seeking information or making a purchase.
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